30 day money back guarantee
if you're not completely satisfied with the fit and finish

Racing pedals, also known as sport pedals, aftermarket pedals, and performance pedals gives your car, truck, or SUV the look and feel of an exotic supercar.

Our racing pedals are custom designed to match the original outline and curvature of your car's pedals by our engineering department, manufactured out of billet aluminum on our state of the art CNC milling machines, and hand finished by skilled craftsmen.

Traction between your foot and the racing pedal can be greatly improved with our anti-slip finish, even if the sole of your shoe is wet.

Since we custom manufacture our racing pedals, modifications can be provided to allow easier "heel toe" down shifting (see our FAQ page for more details), compensate for a physical disability due to injury, compensate for medical conditions like pain from neuropathy, or simply bring the pedals closer to the driver.

Each racing pedal kit comes complete with detailed mounting instructions (see our FAQ page), stainless steel mounting screws, stainless steel washers, stainless steel nylon insert locknuts for a secure installation.

We maintain an extensive in house racing pedal database which contains patterns for vehicles from the 1940s to present.

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